7 Quick Takes Friday (I mean Monday)

It’s been a couple of days since I have written.  After nearly a weak of terrible sickness in my house, I thought I had escaped the misery.  I thought wrong 😦  It has been almost two weeks now and we are on the mend!  FINALLY — hooray!!

I have been reading through this other blog and when the author Jess reaches Friday, she does 7 quick takes as a way for her readers to catch a glimpse of her week, and a way for her to reflect.  It also is really nice when you have missed a day or two…or a week (ahem…) of blogging.  Yes, yes, I know she does it on Friday and this is Monday, but it seems like too good of an idea to wait the week 🙂

1.  My “Waking Up Early” goal really has been a gigantic fail so far between sickies and not wanting to crawl out of my cozy, warm covers.  I think I have hit my alarm clock more often than not 😦  This morning, though, I was able to wake up at 6:30 (for reasons beyond my control), read my Bible for a couple of minutes, head downstairs and throw some laundry in the wash.  I straightened up the living room, turned on some quiet music and lit a candle.  Sounds silly, but it made me feel so peaceful and in a perfect place to greet my sleepy boys, as they stumbled down the stairs.  Definitely something I want to work on.

2.  On Saturday, I took the boys to an event called “Touch a Truck” — tons of fire engines, ambulances, garbage trucks and dump trucks that the little ones (and big ones too :)) can climb all over and beep every horn.  Nana and Pop joined us for this outing and even though it was super windy it was very fun!

3.  Yesterday our family went on our annual apple and pumpkin picking trip (pictures to come soon).  Afterwards, my sister had us all over for homemade chili, cider, doughnuts, and blueberry pie (YUM!)  My littles ran around playing hide & seek while the grownups sat in the living room eating and laughing.  I always forget how much I love those precious times when our family gets together!

4.  I have started weaning my almost 1 year old.  I really have no idea what I’m doing but he hasn’t seemed as interested in nursing these past few weeks, so that has made it easier.  I’m trying to stretch out the time between our nursing sessions a little more and I have started giving him little cups of cow’s milk.  I’m not in a hurry to be done, though, so I’m making sure to really pause and soak up all that sweet cuddle time.

5.  This week, we had one traumatic evening with our Nathaniel.  He had opened up the refrigerator to get himself a cup of water and for whatever reason decided to touch the light bulb inside.  Next thing we know, the poor thing was screaming loudly and holding his hand.  When I looked at his fingers, the skin had peeled right off the middle one and a huge blister had already started to form on the ring finger.  My heart just broke for him.  Needless to say, the rest of our evening was filled with the distractions of fruit pops and Bob the Builder.

6.  We are now the proud owners of a treadmill that we got for (drumroll, please) FREE!  I started a fantastic program called Couch to 5k last December and fell in love with running.  Even though I was running faithfully from then until the spring, the summer was much too hot for me to run outside.  So, I’m out of my routine and with having to wait for my husband to be at home with the kids in order for me to run, a treadmill seemed like a good idea.  Well, actually, a free treadmill seemed like a good idea.  We got the treadmill from a new website that I’m really liking.  All you have to do is put in your zip code and look through the things that the people in your area are giving away.  So, hopefully, I am going to get running again…boy, who would have thought that I, of all people, would have ever missed it?

7.  I started going to a new Bible Study at a different church that I just love! I’m in a small group of young mamas where we discuss the chapters we are studying and then head to the bigger group of women where we hear a great lecture.  I take the boys with me every week, and instead of a nursery that just babysits the kids they actually have a program for them, jam-packed with songs, games, a lesson and crafts!  I’m learning so much and so enjoy the fellowship of these ladies — I’m sure you’ll hear much more as the year continues 🙂

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