Journal of Thanks

Updated on Thanksgiving eve —

Over at her blog Holy Experience, Ann has started an online list of the gifts that the Lord has given her, and has invited her readers to join her.  She posts her list of thankfulness & grace every Monday, but since tomorrow is the holiday of giving thanks and I’m terribly bad at keeping the days in line, here is where I start.

1.  two, beautiful boys who snuggle up close to me under the covers

2.  freshly cleaned home in anticipation of guests

3.  pumpkin spice candles burning

4.  sitting around the table, eating snack & reviewing memorized Scripture with my children

5.  pumice stones that take away hard-water stains

6.  warming cold fingers on tea cups of steaming chai

7.  grace that grants peace to an aching heart & tired eyes

8.  little boys wishes of “being like God — being strong & wanting wrong things right”

9.  spreading out a worn & well-loved, homemade quilt over our bed

holy experience

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