Piggy Bank

Yesterday morning, I was rushing through my regular chores when I heard Nathaniel mutter something.  Not thinking I heard him right, I bent down next to him and asked him to say it again.



“I…I…was pretending to be a piggy bank”


“And I put the penny in here.”  He opened his mouth wide and placed his finger inside.

“You did?”   I felt myself getting a little more anxious.

“Hmmm, hmm.  And it went down there.” He made a little line down the outside of his throat.  “And now it’s in my tummy.  And it’s not coming out.  And I think my tummy hurts”.

A quick call to the pediatrician (and to my mother) and I was assured the penny would pass.  And the wise nurse I spoke to advised me to tell Nathaniel he was not, in fact, a piggy bank, and I probably needed to buy him one.

Lesson learned.

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