The whole family stayed home from church yesterday morning. We quietly worshipped as we wiped noses and poured juice for scratchy throats. And even though the day was long with illness, and maybe because of the illness, our hearts grew quiet.  We slowly went about the chores of the day.  And they were simple.  And they brought rest, even in the work.

11.  laundry hung to dry, even when brought inside

12.  a pot of vegetable soup, simmering on the stove for hours

12.  stack of sky blue dishes, scrubbed clean

13.  sitting at the kitchen table with my littles, wrapping tubes with paper towels for making angels and keeping Truths

14.  peeling, cutting, stirring with my family; a bushel, a surprise

15.  four quarts of canned applesauce cooling on the counter — waiting for the pop

16.  five burgundy candles burning brightly, counting the days until the Christ-child

17.  little voices singing songs to welcome the baby Jesus, while eyes watch the dancing flames

18.  curling up close to Daddy while he reads a story about a glorious angel, and a chosen girl

19.  anxiously waiting for the Baby’s birthday, and innocently wondering if we’ll celebrate with hats

20.  staying up late to grade papers, laughing with my love

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