7 Quick Takes: New York Edition

Yesterday, my sister & I took the train to NYC.  Here is a quick glimpse at our day in the Big Apple:

1.  We must have seen at least 100 Santa Clauses on our adventures!  Funny thing was, none of them were working.  The Santa Clauses just wandered around the city in groups of other people dressed like Santa.  Some were singing Christmas carols, some were just talking and laughing, and unfortunately some were drinking and pretty inappropriate.  We did see a few Mrs. Clauses, a star and a snowman as well.

2.  We went to Serendipity 3 for lunch.  It is a tiny restaurant but completely.  The restaurant (and their frozen hot chocolates) were made famous by a movie with the same name.  It seems Serendipity is on the top of the list of attractions for tourists (at least we assumed so by the 3 hour wait!)

3.  It seems there is a special method for hailing a cab in NY.  We tried standing at the corner.  At the crosswalk.  Holding our arm up in the air.  Using our left arm.  Using our right arm.  Keeping our hand still.  Waving our arm furiously.  If you have any suggestions to improve our ‘hailing skills’, or are blessed to know the ‘special method’, please feel free to do so in the comments :).

4.  After a long day of walking, taking cabs & subways, we decided to do something a little different.  On our way to dinner, my sister and I took a ride in a petty cab.  I think that is the actual name, even though I kept on referring to it as a tut-tut.  You know, where you ride in the back in a little cart, and there is a man who pulls you on his bicycle?  It cost an arm & a leg for the ride but it was incredible to see our driver pedal furiously through the city streets, dodging people, cars and cabs.  It was chilly but a great way to see the city!

tut tut 2010

5.  We went to an amazing place for dinner called Shabu-Tatsu.  You can choose whether you want beef, chicken, shrimp or pork.  They bring you a plate of raw, thinly sliced meat, a huge plate of raw vegetables and a bowl of rice.  The center of your table has a large pot of boiling water with something like a bouillon cube inside.  You use your chopsticks to drop the meat and veggies inside the water.  A couple of seconds later, presto, everything is ready to eat!  A little expensive, but very yummy.

boiling potThe waiters in the restaurant kept on moving these pots of BOILING water with their BARE hands — I wonder if they ever get burnt?



6.  I love taking the subway during the holiday season because it’s full of Christmas cheer!  There was a group of men who sang carols and danced through the different cars, a trumpeter playing praise music and a woman standing in the station harmonizing to the beat of a drum.

7.  It was so wonderful to spend the day with my sister.  This is the first time that I have been away from the baby so long, and even though I missed my boys, it was nice to have a day out.  I can’t remember the last time I laughed so hard — what a great time!

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