A busy weekend, full of laughter.  So much to be grateful for.

21.  a sweet husband, encouraging me out the door

22.  long train rides shortened with laughter

23.  warm, soft, white gloves

24.  twinkly-eyed gentlemen singing Christmas carols in the subway

25.  the sweet sound of “Worthy is the Lamb” in the subway station

26.  tut-tut rides through the city after dark

27.  kissing my sleepy little boys goodnight

28.  settling into the routines of Monday morning

29.  snuggling on the couch reading Mike Mulligan

30.  little ones tucked tightly in bed, pleading for mama’s lullabies

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2 Responses to Warmth

  1. Annesta says:

    A delightful list. I join you in gratitude for husbands who are supportive and for little ones who want their momma to sing to them.

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