Hiding it in my Heart

As I have worked through our ABC verses with the boys, I find that I have been blessed and convicted to memorize more Scripture on my own.  One of my goals for the new year is to memorize an entire book of the Bible (I know, I know…a little intimidating!).  Well, much to my excitement, Timmy Brister has started a project to do just that!  Using his “memory moleskine”, Timmy is challenging readers to memorize the book of Philippians by Easter Sunday.  He is offering a free pdf that breaks down the book into a manageable schedule of verses to memorize.   Katie Orr is also hosting a project for memorizing Philippians over at her blog, and since I “see” her first thing in the morning on Twitter, I am taking advantage of her accountability!  Great news, too, my husband said he would join me!  I ordered our moleskins and they are on the way.  More to come in the next few weeks.

Will you join me?

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2 Responses to Hiding it in my Heart

  1. Katie Orr says:

    So excited to have you join us! The Twitter group has been an amazing encouragement to me, in my efforts to memorize Philippians.

    Looking forward to this journey together!

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